Sunday Morning Bible Study is open to all age groups. We present focused, Biblical lessons from the Bible and encourage Participation, Spiritual Growth, Fellowship and Prayer. The Sunday Morning Bible study starts at 9: 30 AM.
Vacation Bible School
One week every year in the Summer we hold VBS. This is one of our biggest ministries of the year. This is a time for children to learn about God in a fun and exciting way through music, crafts and recreation. For the Children’s safety and your reassurance, all workers in contact with your child have had backgrounds checks. Once the VBS date is set for the year, it will be posted on our Home Page.
VBS Years Past Fun
School Supply Ministry
OFBC is committed to serving those in a crises situation by providing temporary emergency help only when resources are available. Request for assistance will only be considered if an application is completed in its entirety. There is no guarantee that your request for assistance will be granted.
Sunday Morning Bible Study